Thursday, August 12, 2010

Camp Euforia 2010 July 17 day 2

Camp Euforia is set on a normally quiet farm, just outside of Iowa City, but on this weekend thats not the case! I was especially excited for the shows on Saturday, Kyle Hollingsworth is sitting in with the Euforkers on keys all night, and his bandmates from his other band were also playing a set...

In the morning, I woke to familiar faces hiding in the shade and practicing Yoga.

I then headed into the camp ground where I caught up with my pals from Mountain Standard Time, sippin' beers and pickin' tunes, a true festival breakfast!

The music got started at 10:30 in the morning with the Grosso Family Band, marking Adam's third set and third instrument of the festival. This set has become a traditional "Coffee with the Grosso's" as the family provides free coffee for anyone stirring about.

This morning Adam's playing Vibes and Steel Drum.

Max Eubank was slotted next in the shady barn stage.

I also snapped a shot durring Max's Insider Sessions with Erika Iverson of, you can see that video here.
Max Eubank Camp Euforia 2010
After Max Eubank's set, it was time to start up the main stage music, and finally get a feel for the sunny and sticky Iowa day. Uniphonics got things heated up!
Uniphonics, Camp Euforia 2010

Ben Soltau brings his funk to the stage for a song

Workshy brought us back to the Iowa City Yacht Club stage.

I also caught up with these guys later for some quick portraits in the barn
Workshy Camp Euforia 2010

Now I don't know who Mr. Barber is, but I think I want to live in his neighbor hood. If Mr. Baber's Neighbors, are his neighbors, it'd be a good place to sit on the porch and listen to some good bluegrass.

Dead Larry got things rocking again in the barn.

Dead Larry Camp Euforia 2010

Chicago Afrobeat Project Camp Euforia 2010

The Girls from Public Property joined CAbP

Messy Jiverson really got the sweat flowing.

Messy Jiverson Camp Euforia 2010

Now for the time I've been waiting for, Euforquestra, and one of my favorite Keyboard players,  is sitting in the whole night! Kyle Hollingsworth (from the String Cheese Incident) will be the key master for the duration.

Good ole' Slap a bag...???

More Cheesy guests arrive, Travis and Hann Also from SCI, sit in on the percussion set for ann extended jam.

Jeeter say's Thats all folks

Lubriphonic hits the barn stage.

EOTO takes the festival to a whole new level

The final set of the day was also the longest,  Mountain Standard Time kept the Colorado Vibe alive into the late night.

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