Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to shoot Glass in the studio

So I had a model flake on me at the studio one day, so I decided to shoot a wine glass. I thought it could be a cool little demo for shooting glass with studio lighting or strobes.

My first shot is showing white line delineation, which in my opinion is the more difficult to get right. For this shot (above) I light the glass from one side only, the light was positioned behind and to the left of the subject, (refer to set up shot below)

My second shot is the same shot only this time the other light is on, it is positioned behind and to the right of the subject.

And the last two are shot with both lights, you can see how the reflection is fairly even on both sides.
If you look closely at these shots you will see in the dead center of the glass, theres a reflection of the studio and me, its faint, but can be prevented in the studio by simply hanging a black sheet above and around the camera.
Here is the Set up shot for the above photos, taken with my cell phone, you can see that I set the glass on  a regular door sized mirror that was laying around the studio. Both lights are Alien Bee 800s with the Large softbox. Both are pointing directly out, rather than towards the subject.

Now for the black line delineation. For this example, I use one light, directly behind and slightly above the subject, (see Set Up shot below)
As you can see this is a very simple set up. One light behind angled toward and down on the glass. I also added some black fabric to the sides to that it would be reflected into the glass creating the black line.

All the images from this shoot I shot with my Nikon D300, and my 28-70 2.8 Nikkor lens. I also use Alien Bee Lights, and accessories.

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