Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kinetix Yamn and Springdale Quartet at Cervantes 3/26/11

Kinetix Live 3/26/11 at Cervantes, Denver CO
Kinetix had me come down to hang at Cervantes with them for some new photos with their new drummer, Pete Koopmans. It turned into one hell of a night of good music. Indobox got things started but I showed up a little to late to catch them, but I heard they kill it! Springdale Quartet, was next and for me they got the jammy night started right. Yamn took it right to the roof and got everyone in the house moving. They even added some cool effects with the guys drumming smoke rings into the crowd. Then Kinetix came to the stage and let everyone know it was time to rock! Pete fits in great, cant wait to see more! View more of my photos of Kinetix, More Kinetix, and Yamn

Springdale Quartet



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