Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Euforquestra Tour Day 2

Day two takes us from Ridgway, through Telluride, and into Durango. One of the most scenic drives in Colorado. The threat of snow was still hanging over our heads as we made our way through the San Juans, to the Abbey Therare. Oh what a little Jem the Abbey is. It's a small room, with tons of attention to detail, plush leather sofas and club chairs in the VIP balcony, and walls covered with acoustic panels, I could tell that the sound quality was going to be hard to beat, and with the addition of the extra subs, the sound was ultra thick and tasty.
DEW_RANG_GOUGH!!!! What a party town!

Its my birthday today, you have to be nice to me...

New strings for the Abbey


The hat swap

In crowd Sambas are always the best!

I don't wanna get up...

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